Concentrate Mixing Instructions

Our products for making snowball/shaved ice syrups from Koldkiss concentrated flavors and additives are unique. They allow you to customize your syrups to taste.

FLAVOR CONCENTRATE is used to flavor and color the snowball/shaved ice syrup.

SODIUM BENZOATE is used to preserve the snowball/shaved ice syrup.

CITRIC (FRUIT) ACID is used to activate the preservative and to add the tartness.


1. Place 5 pounds of sugar into a one-gallon container.

2. Add 4 ounces of FLAVOR CONCENTRATE.

3. Add 1 1/2; ounces of SODIUM BENZOATE.

4. Top off with warm water.

5. Mix/shake until sugar is dissolved.

6. Add CITRIC (FRUIT) ACID to activate the preservative. See below recommended amounts.

7. Top off with water and mix/shake well.

To make syrup without preservatives skip steps 3 and 6.


You may use more or less sugar to taste. The finished product should be sweet, but not too sweet.

You may use more or less FLAVOR CONCENTRATE to make your syrup flavor and color stronger or weaker.

By adding additional CITRIC (FRUIT) ACID you can enhance the tartness of your syrup flavor. Some fruit, such as lemon, are very tart, others, such as bananas, are mild . By varying the amount of CITRIC (FRUIT) ACID you can adjust the mix to suit your taste.