#1 Pointed Cake Cone

#1 Pointed Cake Cone

#1 Pointed Cake Cone

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Joy's #1 Pointed Cake Cone is a pointed cake cone, and is one of our top sellers.  This classic ice cream cake cone is a must have for your ice cream stand, store, or event.

About Joy Cones:

Joy Cone stands out as a pinnacle of flavor in the current market. Our secret lies in the meticulous blend of three premium flours—pastry, cake, and tapioca—which harmoniously combine to create a texture akin to that of cake flour. Unlike our competitors, we infuse our cones with a touch more sugar, resulting in a delectably light and flaky delight tantalizes the taste buds like no other. To truly grasp the unparalleled quality of our product, we invite you to experience the difference firsthand. 


Box of 252

Height 4 11/16 Inches
Bottom Diameter 1 3/8 Inches
Top Diameter 2 5/16 Inches
Bottom Type Pointed

Usually ships out within one business day. Depending on order size, these ship with one to six bottles per box.

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