Kraft Heinz 17 lb. Marshmallow Creme Concentrate

Kraft Heinz 17 lb. Marshmallow Creme Concentrate

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This marshmallow creme concentrate has a smooth, velvety consistency that brings a deliciously creamy texture and a touch of vanilla flavor to all your desserts. Its slightly thicker consistency makes it perfect for baking a wide range of rich and indulgent treats. Plus, with 17 lb. of marshmallow creme in each pail, your establishment will always have plenty on hand!

Enhance your customers' experience with a variety of delicious treats such as ice cream sundaes topped with marshmallow creme and hot fudge, specialty smores desserts, and crowd-pleasing cookie sandwiches and whoopie pies filled with this versatile marshmallow creme. Whether creating marshmallow frosting for cupcakes or other delectable desserts, this product is a must-have in your bakery, restaurant, or ice cream shop.

For a smoother texture, this specific type of marshmallow creme may be blended with warm water, simple syrup, or a flavored syrup. The 17 lb. bucket features a convenient handle for easy transportation of the marshmallow creme.

Usually ships out within one business day. Depending on order size, these ship with one to six bottles per box.

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